Are you looking for a good franchise to invest in? If you want a business with steady demand that offers an honest day’s work for all employees, then starting a local moving company is a good idea. 

We can speak from 13 years of experience in moving that this isn’t for everyone. Even if you hire employees to do moving and drive trucks, there may be times when you, the franchisee, will get your hands dirty. There is no substitute for hard work in this business. 

Still, if you want a faster return on your investment, an easier pathway to growth, and a lower risk of failure, then a moving company franchise could be your answer.

Moving company entrepreneurs are born here

Let’s Get Moving has been helping budding entrepreneurs launch our brand in new locations in the US and Canada with phenomenal success. 

Here, we share why our franchisees sought us out in the first place. We’ll also tell you how to proceed at the end if any of the following resonates with you.

1. Moving is a profitable business

Year after year, no matter what is happening worldwide, moving businesses always make money because they are always in demand.

Wherever people live and work, they will need local moving services to move them from one home to another, from one office space to the next. In addition to moving, these folks also need packing and unpacking services, remove junk, and store items for the short term

IBISWorld provides research across many industries worldwide, including moving services in the US. Their trend report for 2024-2029 projects for the moving industry in America: 

Moving companies are forecasted to see annual revenue growth of 1.1%, reaching $22.6 billion in 2028, with an expected profit of 7.2%

But that doesn’t mean that every moving company will survive. At least with a franchise, you start with an established and reputable brand, plus a pathway to expansion and profitability. 

2. The appeal of an established brand with quality control

With a moving company franchise, you become the entrepreneur of a trusted brand (almost) overnight.

The cost of starting a moving company is high as you need trucks, an office, a website, moving equipment, moving supplies, packing supplies, and more. 

As a business owner starting from scratch, you must work hard to earn customer trust and build momentum with word-of-mouth references and paid marketing. 

With a franchise behind you, the brand’s reputation has been built over the years. The idea is that you get to ride its tailwinds on your way to entrepreneurial success.

Established reputation and brand

When you invest in a franchise, you are buying access to the established reputation of that brand. A franchise that lets customer service slide and collects more negative than positive reviews may not hold much value for potential investors.

On the other hand, Let’s Get Moving has built an excellent reputation over the past 13 years. We have stellar customer reviews, and our franchisees (and their trucks) proudly wear our branding.

Quality control in training, marketing, and advertising

The success of a moving franchise lies in the quality control that it offers.

A good moving company franchise opportunity will include a training module and ongoing support so you never feel alone while building your business.

At Let’s Get Moving, our franchisees undergo a one-week learning “boot camp” at our headquarters. This training is followed by ongoing support and regular check-ins. 

Our Lauderhill moving company office handles all our franchisees’ marketing, website, SEO, advertising, and lead generation.

3. Helping people move is an “honest day’s work”

The American dream is built on people working a full day of rigorous work in a respectable trade or industry. The moving world in the US is people-centric, laborious, mainstream, and a little dirty but dignified. 

It’s the American way! 

Through literature and music, American artists have long-romanticized the image of the worker, a Levi jeans-wearing hard laborer who always offers a helping hand. 

Even if you’re not the one doing the moving, owning a moving business comes with the satisfaction of employing good workers to help fellow Americans with the challenging labor of moving.

Furthermore, investing in a moving company franchise makes you enter this American ideal faster than starting from scratch. Ideally, the franchisor you choose will take care of marketing, advertising, website maintenance, and lead generation so that you, the entrepreneur, can get that honest day’s work feeling from day one.

4. Moving companies scale faster than those with solo ownership

It is acknowledged in many well-researched reports that franchises generally give you a faster return on investment (ROI) than starting the same category of business (like a local moving company) from scratch.

That means you can reinvest some of that revenue in the company and expand it. You can hire more people, buy more trucks, and open one more franchise.  

The “scalability” of a moving company franchise is crucial in measuring projected growth and setting milestones. As a new moving franchise owner, most of the heavy lifting is taken care of for you, so you can start planning to scale sooner.

5. Lower failure rate than solo-owned moving companies

No one loves failure less than entrepreneurs, which is why so many smart ones would choose the moving company franchise over sole proprietorship.

The truth is that the competition is very stiff. Search “local movers near me” and see who’s dominating that and similar keywords. 

We know because we’re among our operations’ top results in such searches. Earning those rankings is difficult—it’s a full-time job for several teams of people in the Let’s Get Moving headquarters.

When the competition is as cutthroat as in the local moving business, failure is just a few missteps away.

If you choose a moving company franchise instead, you start on the right foot, pointed toward success, and powered by a team of people with practical experience and professional expertise.

Shopping for a Profitable Franchise Opportunity? 

If you’re looking for a reliable moving company franchise opportunity, the most important advice is this: do your research. Read articles or watch YouTube videos offering tips for identifying moving company franchise opportunities.

Check recent industry reports, news, and franchise rankings for updated information about the moving franchise landscape. Narrow your search to a few of the most appealing options, and get in touch.

For instance, the first step to exploring a moving company franchise with us is to call 1-866-309-1122 to talk to one of our franchise experts. We make it easy for you to get in touch and talk to real people about the process of owning the Let’s Get Moving franchise.

Interested in speaking with a real Let’s Get Moving franchisee about their experience? 

We can arrange that. Some of our franchisees work right here in our Lauderhill headquarters. They can help answer any of your questions, entrepreneur-to-entrepreneur.