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Let’s Get Moving is the North American expert for one-stop moving experiences, served with exceptional customer service.

We pride ourselves on offering all the moving services needed to make moves as hands-off (meaning you do nothing) or budget-friendly as a person needs.

We expanded our full range of moving services and packing supplies, so you only need to make one call to get everything you need to move.

Maybe we can’t redirect mail to your new address or plan your housewarming party, but we can pack you up, move you out, store your stuff, haul your junk, and unpack you at your new location.

It took 13 years and thousands of local moves in Canada and the USA to make us the well-loved moving company we are today.

Please read on to see how we’re becoming North America’s favorite moving company.

Lets Get Moving Company



Since its inception in 2010, Let’s Get Moving has been under the ultimate direction of its founder, Tiam Behdarvandan.

At only 19, Tiam established the moving company and blessed it with a unique name and eye-catching branding. As one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the moving business, he hoped to see his trucks all over Canada and then the United States.

Tiam’s inspired vision and commitment to understanding the business from the inside out served him well when building the business. He established an award-winning team of over 500 people and expanded into Let’s Get Moving franchise offerings so others can live the dream, too.

Today, we operate numerous locations across Canada and the USA, including our flagship branch in Lauderhill, Florida. Our expansion in the U.S. moving industry reflects our dedication to providing a seamless moving experience throughout the country.

Residential Moving Services


Follow our story, from our first moves to our first franchise location.


A modest beginning

We entered the moving industry with a vision for easy local moves that result in happy customers and word-of-mouth advertising.


Inspired by our dreams

Competition was fierce, and we weren’t an immediate success, but our determination kept us going during those tough early years.


Getting serious about our moving journey

CRM systems and business development programs became game-changers for efficiency and client interactions.


Dedicating ourselves to customer service

We introduced a more robust customer support system that puts communication and customer satisfaction front and center.


Adding over 30 trucks to our fleet

We grabbed the opportunity to expand our fleet to meet the increased demand for conscientious movers during the pandemic.


Opening a corporate hub in Vancouver

We proudly opened a new corporate location in Vancouver, and with 2.5 million in first-year revenue, we set the stage for continued growth.


Going coast-to-coast in Canada

We opened new Canadian locations in Hamilton, Ontario; Edmonton, Alberta; and Burnaby, British Columbia. These key Canadian cities solidified our presence as a national brand.


Expanded to multiple locations in just nine months

Our first franchise opened in Kingston, ON, followed by others, and we quickly expand to over 40 locations in Canada and even more in the United States, marking an unparalleled expansion.

Meet Our Team of Heroes

The Let’s Get Moving team does more than just moving. We remove junk, store stuff, pack and unpack, and provide excellent customer service.

Our team of over 500 employees across various roles completes about 25,000 customers annually. But there’s more to Let’s Get Moving beyond moves.

Our whole customer service team at our Toronto, Canada headquarters answers your calls live when you call us. They zero in on exactly the services you’ll need and what it will cost, and they can even suggest ways to stay on budget, like booking your move on one of the cheapest days of the month.

Want to know what days those are? Call us toll-free at 1-877-245-3254 to get started with a quote.

Lets Get Moving Company
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